Phenix Salon Suites Is The Only Salon Suite / Studio Concept To Make The Top 500 Ranking By Entrepreneur Magazine.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Most entrepreneurs hope and dream for rapid growth but for Gina and Jason Rivera, the co-founders of Phenix Salon Suites that dream is a reality. Phenix is a nationwide chain of hair salon franchises with 45 locations currently open (40 of those opened in just the last 18 months) and another 100 scheduled to open in 2014. The successful growth of the franchise is due largely to the the fact that Phenix is a family owned business with multiple members of the family involved. Hearpreneur interviewed Jason to find out why Phenix has experienced so much growth so soon.

Why did you start your business? My wife, Gina, is a hair stylist and grew up in the industry. She comes from a long line of hair stylists in her family spanning over 84 years Her father and mother owned salons, so did her uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.. There are over 24 hair stylists in her family. About ten years ago, she decided to open a salon of her own. We opened a traditional salon and then expanded into our current concept Phenix Salon Suites. Basically, I married into the salon industry. After owning a traditional salon for several years and knowing what salon professionals go through on a daily basis, we wanted to develop a concept that would give salon professionals the opportunity to own a salon at a fraction of the cost it would typically take to open a full-fledged salon. We also wanted to use our background, spanning more than 84 years in the industry, to develop a structure that really puts the salon professional first by providing a variety of benefits to help them grow their business under the Phenix umbrella.

How did you come up with your business name? When our son was 8 weeks old, we purchased our first salon. My father was visiting us in Colorado Springs at that time to see our first-born son. We were at breakfast trying to think of names for our new salon. My father thought we should name the salon "Phenix Salon" after our son. He thought it would be a great way to carry on that deep family tradition that my wife's family has in the salon industry. We thought about it for a few minutes and Phenix Salon was born.

How is it running a family owned business ? We have built our entire company off of our family culture and family values. We learned so much about what we needed to provide in the Phenix formula for salon professionals from the family's experience in the salon industry. We have family members who work on the corporate side of the business, and that's been great. We strive to replicate the personal connection of the family throughout the organization. When we look for franchise partners, we're looking for relationships, not just someone to sign a contract. We're going to be working with these people for a long time so it makes a lot of sense that we should share some core business values and a passion for what we're doing.

What do you see as future trends of the hair salon industry? We see our brand growing quite a bit and we see salon professionals gravitating to the brand of Phenix because of our deep roots in the salon industry. We know what they go through on a daily basis and continue to work hard to bring them exciting new opportunities and programs to enhance their career. I also see the salon industry moving back to the high-end profession that it was in the ‘60s. I see more and more great hair stylists continuing their education and really crafting their skills.

Did you have any exciting announcements? We are excited to be releasing a line of hair and skin products under "Phenix Salon Products". This has been several years in the making. We wanted to develop a line of signature products unlike anything in the industry. We have signed celebrity spokesperson and model, Torrie Wilson, to endorse the products. We'll unveil the line and products will be available in February of 2014. We have some fantastic products that people will really love.

What's the key to your explosive growth? Hard Work & Dedication. I have a background as an Olympic-level athlete and I take that same dedication into Phenix Salon Suites. We work hard every day and dedicate ourselves to all of the thousands of salon professionals who work in our locations, to our franchise partners and to all of the clients who visit our locations across the country on a daily basis. I try to motivate our staff and executive team to do the same thing. We also bring in great people who have that same type of desire.

Franchise Ranking History Franchise 500: #352 (2014), Top New: #67 (2013)

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